2022-10-27g - Fish & Chips

Day #0084 (Thu., Oct. 27, 2022) – Total Down: 9.0 lbs.!

2022-10-28 - Weigh InThis morning the scale readily beamed 340.8 lbs. back at me (see photo to the left). This means I’ve actually gained 2.0 lbs. since yesterday, but have lost 9.0 lbs. overall.

2022-10-27a - Yogurt BarFor breakfast this morning I was hankering (if that is a word) for something different, so I reached for a “Yogurt Bar” (see photo to the right).

2022-10-27b - CoffeeTo “wash” this yogurt bar down I had a nice mug of steaming “Coffee” with some oat milk that I picked up the other day (see photo to the left).

2022-10-27c - BreakfastTo continue on this them of something different, I had a can of tuna with some mayo (see photo to the right).  I put some tiny potatoes in the air fryer to accompany them on the way down my throat!

2022-10-27d - Salad & SandwichLunch today was a good ole’ standby of “Salad & Sandwich” (see photo to the left).  Olives and some jalapeno peppers added a bit more flavor to the combo.  I think the slice of cheese on the sandwich was the highest calorie item by itself at about 50 cals/slice.

2022-10-27e - Arctic BarOk, so it’s time for dessert.  An “Arctic Bar” hit the spot (see photo to the right).  I’m not sure why the inside looks a bit yellow.  I think that’s just how the coloring on the photo was.

2022-10-27f - YopopAs a special treat this evening we took the kids to “Yopop”, a local frozen ice cream stand.  I had a bow of deliciousness as well (see photo to the left).

2022-10-27g - Fish & ChipsOnce we got home I had a late dinner of “Fish & Chips”, which I “drowned” in ketchup (see photo to the right). The air fryer is wonderful for dishes like this.  So quick and easy!

2022-10-27h - Arctic BarYou would think that all that frozen yogurt would have been enough for today, right?  Well, it was not.  Enter into the equation “Arctic Bar #2” (see photo to the left).

2022-10-27i - CookiesNot to be outdone, I had a few “Cookies” before I went to bed.  These little Goya cookies (see photo to the right) were a lot like the baby cookies we fed this kids when they were younger.  Just a hint of sweetness, but delicious all the same.

I seem to be on the “yo you” phase of this diet.  I can do so well at losing weight, but then something happens and my weight is up again.  I have to figure out a way to go down, and then keep going down.  Is exercise the key?  I know that this has been lacking in my daily life as of late.  Perhaps it’s time to put it back in on a regular basis.

See you at the scale tomorrow morning!


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