2023-03-25 - Chanko With Meat

Day #0084 (Sat., Mar. 25, 2023) – Chanko & Meat!

2023-03-25 - Chanko With MeatMy weight was down to 340.3 lbs. this morning, so the Chanko Nabi is working! This means that I’ve lost 2.8 lbs. since yesterday, and my weight is down 7.3 lbs. overall.

I had more “Chanko” this morning, this time with some hamburger (see photo to the right).  I had some Angus beef burgers in the freezer and they made the perfect addiction to the top of my Chanko.  You can even see the hot sauce on the top!

Here’s what I had to eat today:

  • “Chanko” with Hamburger (see photo to the right).
  • Diet cola.
  • Two fish sandwiches.
  • Diet cola.
  • Sweet potato toast with whipped cream.
  • Coffee with sugar-free creamer.

See you at the scale tomorrow!  I went off the script a bit with the whipped cream, so let’s see how this affects things.


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