2022-10-14 - Weigh In

Day #0071 (Fri., Oct. 14, 2022) – Total Down: 16.1 lbs.!

2022-10-14 - Weigh InI was quite shocked this morning when I stepped on the scale and it said that I weighed in at 333.7 lbs. (see photo to the left). This means that I’m down an incredible 4.0 lbs. since yesterday, and down a whopping 16.1 lbs. overall. 2022-10-14a - Soup & SandwichDid I really eat that healthy yesterday? Guess so…

I was planning to go to Aldi grocery shopping early this morning, but figured I had better have some breakfast first.  You know what happens when you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, right?  You buy out the store!  2022-10-14b - ChipsSo, for breakfast I had my “Soup & Sandwich” special (see photo to right).

For that “crunch” I love so much with my meals, I had a bag of “Sour Cream & Onion Chips” (see photo to the left).  Sorry, the picture is not the best, but the chips sure were… 🙂

2022-10-14c - Arctic BarFor my breakfast dessert I had an ice cream bar, an “Arctic Bar” if you will (see photo to the right). I love the fact that these little gems come in their own wrapper and are easy to open.

2022-10-14d - TruffleI then following this tasty ice cream with a “White Vanilla Truffle” (see photo to the left).  At least this is what the box says it is and you could sure taste that delicious vanilla flavor.  Sorry, this photo is not the best either, but ditto, the truffle sure was… 🙂

For a mid-day snack today I had some blueberries that I picked up at Aldi (see photo to the right).  I haven’t had blueberries in a while and must say that I really enjoyed the tartness of these tasty little morcels.  2022-10-14e - BlueberriesMake sure that you wash blueberries before you eat them folks…  Heaven knows what sort of “creepy crawlies” might be on them… 🙂

2022-10-14f - ChipsFor some reason I was not hungry this evening, so I didn’t have dinner.  Not sure what’s up with that, but the less you eat the less weight you gain, right?  I did have some “Cheese Curls” though (see photo to the left).  Notice that it says they are made with “real cheese”.  Good to know… 🙂

2022-10-14g - DrumstickEven when I don’t eat a big meal I still have a desire for something sweet.  The ice cream “Drumsticks” that I picked up at Aldi this morning looked enticing, so I had one (see photo to the right).

2022-10-14g - DrumstickI was a bad boy this evening.  I had one of the “Cinnamon Rolls” (see photo to the left) that I picked up for the kids this morning during my Aldi run.  My these things are high in calories, but I did only have one.

I didn’t eat great today, but I didn’t seem to eat as much food as I thought I would after a grocery run.  Let’s see if the scale rewards me tomorrow or not.  If my weight is up quite a bit I will need to go back on the “Veggie Soup” diet as it sure helped me lose weight this morning!

See you tomorrow everyone!

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