v0580) Body Whittle 2022-09-30 (Composite)

Day #0070 (Thu., Oct. 13, 2022) – Total Down: 12.1 lbs.!

2022-10-13 - Weigh InThis morning the scale beamed back an “ok” 337.7 lbs. This means that I am down 1.8 lbs. since yesterday and 12.1 lbs. since I started this diet 70 days ago.

v0580) Body Whittle 2022-09-30 (Composite)I thought I would take the opportunity for you to see what I look like these days (see photo to the right). The black outfit kinda makes me look thinner, but I can assure you that I still have plenty of weight to lose…as you can tell from my weighing in at 339.5 lbs. today!

2022-10-13a - Soup & SandwichFor breakfast this morning I had some more of the vegetable soup I made the other day as it’s not only tasty, it is a good vehicle to lose weight.  Of course I accompanied it with an “Egg White Sandwich” (see photo to the left).  Quite the combo!

2022-10-13b - FriesI was still hungry after this breakfast meal, so I decided to accompany it with some “Air Fryer Fries” (see photo to the right).  Basically just a couple of cut up potatoes thrown into the air fryer, but when crispy, and accompanied with some ketchup, another tasty dish.

2022-10-13c - CobblerYou didn’t think that I was going to forget the dessert did you?  I decided to finish off the apple cobbler that I made the other day (see photo to the left).  My wife loves the stuff so I was lucky to be able to have yet another piece before the dish went off to the dishwasher.

2022-10-13d - Soup & ToastI wasn’t hungry till dinner this evening, but when I was, I decided to have some “Soup & Toast” (see photo to the right).  Basically the same soup that I had this morning, but instead of an “Egg White Sandwich”, a couple of slices of low-cal toast with some hummus spread.  Equally tasty!

2022-10-13e - Hard CandyI thought I would go easy on the sweets this evening, so I had three pieces of “Hard Candy” (see photo to the left) for my dessert.  No, I didn’t have all those pieces in the photo, just three… 🙂

2022-10-13f - TeaRather than coffee this evening I thought that I would have a “Spot of Tea” (see photo to the right).  That little light to the left is the light to the cup warmer, so that the tea doesn’t get cold.

2022-10-13g - TruffleI had a desire for something sweet with my tea so I had a “Strawberry Rhubarb Truffle” (see photo to the left) courtesy of Aldi.  Very tasty…  I’m going to need to get another box of these delish truffles on my next Aldi run.

So, that’s it for today.  All in all not a bad day of eating “diet” wise.  Still no exercise, but I’m feeling stronger these days so my plans are to start working it into my daily routine.

See you at the scale!


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