2022-10-12a - Soup

Day #0069 (Wed., Oct. 12, 2022) – Total Down: 10.3 lbs.!

I weighed in this morning at 339.5 lbs. (see photo to the left). This means that I gained a whopping 3.6 lbs. since yesterday, although I am still down 10.3 lbs. overall. That’s what you get for having a “Free Day” of eating!

2022-10-12a - SoupSo, I decided that I would be a good boy today and eat healthy. To do this, I made a HUGE bowl of vegetable soup (see photo to the right).  You can see the beans on top for sure, but those white clumps are frozen cauliflower that I found in the freezer.  All kinds of other goodies in this soup including stewed tomatoes and dried potato “hash browns”.

2022-10-12b - SoupI thought I would take the time to show you “The Soup” in a bowl (see photo to the left).  I’m not exactly sure why, since I didn’t use any spices, but this soup was simply delish!  This is what I had for what was effectively “brunch” today.

2022-10-12c - SandwichI now thought that I would show you “The Sandwich” (see photo to the right).  I had this as an accompaniment to “The Soup”.  This sandwich has some egg whites, some salad greens, a slice of cheese, a slice of turkey, placed between a couple of slices of low-cal bread smeared with hummus.  Delish in itself, but better with “The Soup”.

2022-10-12d - ComboNow I would like to show “The Combo” (see photo to the right).  This shows the soup and the sandwich together.  I had two of these combos for my evening meal this evening.

2022-10-12e - DessertSo as you can probably tell, I only ate “The Soup” and “The Sandwich” today.  The only deviation was this evenings bit of sweetness that I will call “The Dessert” (see photo to the right).  Apple cobbler with some whipped cream on top.  I need to eat this before my wife eats the whole dish…yes, she loves it that much.

Still no exercise, but I would say that I ate quite a bit better today than I did yesterday don’t you think?  They say that what you eat is more important than how much exercise you do when you are looking to lose weight.

Surely the scale will reward me tomorrow morning.  I’ll see you at the scale tomorrow morning so that we can find out!


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