2022-09-25 - Cookie

Day #0052 (Sun., Sep. 25, 2022) – Total Down: 11.0 lbs.!

2022-09-25 - Weigh InA lot going on this morning, so I didn’t get to eat till after noon… Even then, my weight was 338.8 lbs. (see photo to the left). This means I gained 1.7 lbs. since yesterday, even though I’m still down 11.0 lbs. overall. What’s up about this weight gain? Did I really eat that bad yesterday? I didn’t think so.

2022-09-25 - WrapFor the first meal of the day, which was in effect around 1 pm, I had some wraps (see photo to the right).  Very basic actually, but delicious nonetheless.  Some hummus & guacamole on top of a low-cal tortilla, a slice of bacon, and lots of salad greens.  I have four of these!

2022-09-25 - CookieI couldn’t resist the “Smores Cookies” that I picked up for the kids (see photo to the left).  I just had to have one, but I sure felt guilty afterwards.  It went down quickly and oh, the calorie count!  170 calories to be exact.  Definitely not worth it!

2022-09-25 - CreamerLet me take the time to show the “Sugar-Free French Vanilla Creamer” I picked up at Aldi this morning (see photo to the right).  Only 15 calories per tablespoon.  Why is it that sugar-free products always taste so much better than when I add a sugar-free substance to a product… ?  Oh, I didn’t try it out till this evening, but I wanted to show you the pretty bottle… 🙂

2022-09-25 - Slider & PotatoFor an early dinner today I had some tiny baked potatoes and a couple of tiny hamburger sliders (see photo to the left).  The bun of choice was a “Hawaiian Sweet Roll”.  Sure added that extra flavor to the slider.  I did give a few sprays of canned butter on top of the potatoes as well.

2022-09-25 - NutsThere was this canister of “Honey Nuts” sitting on the counter (see photo to the right).  I couldn’t resist them see…  So I had a handful see…  Glad I stopped at just one handful!

2022-09-25 - Hot WrapsThis evening I was still hungry so I decided to go back to the wraps that I had earlier in the day.  This time I added some of the hot sauce that I picked up at Aldi (see photo to the left).  Boy was this sauce hot!  A lot of sauces only pretend to be hot.  But this was HOT!

2022-09-25 - Ice Cream BarHere’s something rather interesting, a “Donut Ice Cream Bar” (see photo to the right).  I had a hard time understanding what it was when I saw it at Aldi, but after biting in, it’s just an ice cream bar shaped like a donut.  Tasty, but I don’t think worth the price given the fact that it’s just a different shape.

2022-09-25 - CheetosTime for a bit of crunch!  Cheetos have been a goto “Crunch Product” as of late…  (see photo to the left).  Tasty and cheesy…  Oh if you could only not get your fingers “orange” in color!

2022-09-25 - Arctic BarI thought I would try out a regular “Ice Cream Bar” later this evening (see photo to the right).  I must admit that the donut shaped ice cream I had earlier in the day was tastier, but this one, a reliable stand-by, is much cheaper.

2022-09-25 - CakeFor my last food entry for the day, I had a little lemon cake (see photo to the left.  They were on sale at Aldi so I thought I would pick them up.  Very tasty, but like the Smores cookie I had earlier in the day, not worth the calories!

Sorry guys!  No exercise today!

That’s it for today folks…  I think I’m going to be reprimanded when I step on the scale tomorrow morning!

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