2022-09-24 - PB2

Day #0051 (Sat., Sep. 24, 2022) – Total Down: 13.0 lbs.!

2022-09-24 - Weigh InI got busy this morning and didn’t have time to eat or even weigh myself till 3 pm in the afternoon. The good thing about this as it gives my weight time to go down… 🙂  2022-09-24 - Chili BurritoWhen I did weigh  myself the scale said 336.8 lbs. (see photo to the left), which means I’m down 0.5 lbs. since yesterday and a delightful 13.0 lbs. overall.

So, when I did have time to eat, I ate some burritos (see photo to the right).  In fact I had three of them.  The photo doesn’t show the leafy greens I added, but they were basically just a low-cal tortilla, greens (or cabbage), and chili.  I did add some salsa while I was eating them, but no hummus or “whatever”.  Can’t get more clean and low-cal than this, right?

2022-09-24 - TruffleI was also good when it came to dessert.  I had only one truffle.  See the red one in the middle of the photo to the left?  That one!

2022-09-24 - PB2I wasn’t exactly sure what to eat this evening.  I wanted something hearty, but something different as well.  I decided on something in which I could have a couple of tablespoons of PB2 powder (with water in the photo to the right).  Oh, and some low-cal Aldi Keto bread as well…

2022-09-24 - SoupI decided that Cream of Chicken Soup would be a good accompaniment to my PB2 sandwich’s (see photo to the left).  We didn’t have any milk, so I added a can of water…  0 calorie addition…yeah!

2022-09-24 - Ice Cream TrufflesOk, so if there was one area in which I “kind of” went off the rails today in terms of eating was my evening dessert.  I had a lovely bowl of Butter Pecan Ice Cream with two Truffles (see photo to the right).  Delish, but certainly not low-cal to be sure.

As I finish writing up this blog post this evening I’m having a mug of coffee with some “powdered cream”, of all things.  I have this little hand blender that I use to whip it all up.  I don’t think it really tastes as good as regular cream to be honest with you, but it sure is convenient.  I mean it’s just a bag of powder…no refrigeration needed.

Long playing record.  I probably don’t need to even say this, but no exercise today.  Surprise, surprise, right?

Overall today was a great day of eating.  I do think that the scale tomorrow will show that I was a good boy today.  Time will tell…


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