2022-09-22 - Cookies

Day #0049 (Thu., Sep. 22, 2022) – Total Down: 12.1 lbs.!

2022-09-22 - Weigh InThis morning the scale beamed back at me the numbers 337.7 lbs. (see photo to the left). This means that I’m down 0.9 lbs. since yesterday with an overall weight loss of 12.1 lbs. since the program began.

2022-09-22 - Egg SandwichTo start off today’s eating journey I had one of my old “standbys”, an egg white sandwich (see photo to the right).  2022-09-22 - BananaEgg whites with some bagel seasoning, a couple of slices of bacon, salad greens, and a slice of cheese between two slices of Keto bread.  An old “standby” for sure…but delicious nonetheless!

I thought I would have a healthy dessert for my first snack today so I reached for a banana (see photo to the left).  The kids ate all the ice cream bars so I could not have had one of those even if I wanted to… 🙂

2022-09-22 - CoffeeI washed this down with a mug of coffee and a splash of evaporated milk (see photo to the right).  Sorry for the rings around the coffee cup…  I do need to wash it don’t I… 🙂

2022-09-22 - Egg Sandwich2For lunch today I had my second egg white sandwich of the day (see photo to the left).  This is getting to become quite of a habit isn’t it?  Why deviate from something that is so delicious, fills me up, and is low in calories I say…

2022-09-22 - Chicken SaladI didn’t have a salad yet today, right? For my evening meal I rectified that!  A chicken salad to be more exact (see photo to the right).  While some salad greens and chicken were the main ingredients, I also included some peppers and potatoes with a bit of guacamole and hummus.

2022-09-22 - WrapBurrito Time! (see photo to the left).  When you heat up some chili & beans, add some salad greens, and roll it up into a low-cal burrito, the result is both low-cal and delicious.  Who would have thought?  Something to remember for the future…

2022-09-22 - CookiesI’ve been good all day right?  Well, I decided to deviate oh so little from this plan with something that I bought for the kids…  Iced Animal Cookies (see photo to the right).  I didn’t have too many mind you.  2022-09-22 - Banana2The label on the back said I had about 100 calories, which is within the limits of a snack in terms of my calculations.

Onto something healthy now!  Or “relatively healthy”!  Banana #2 (see photo to the left).  These bananas are starting to get freckles so I have to eat them up soon.

So much for today! Finishing up this blog post and downing a mug of coffee with some evaporated milk. Time for bed! See you bright and early, or “relatively” early, tomorrow morning!.

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