2023-02-07 - Fries Pieces

Day #0038 (Tue., Feb. 7, 2023) – Back To Potatoes!

2023-02-07 - Fries PiecesThis morning I decided to have some hash browns so I weighed myself before I did. The scale said: 333.9 lbs., which is the same weight that I had yesterday morning. This means I’m still down 13.7 lbs. since the program began…

The photo to the right shows my afternoon meal of cut up potatoes, air fried, accompanied by some ketchup.

I was doing pretty good in eating today, but then the evening came. For whatever reason, my resistance to sweets is lower in the evening. I seemed to be doing better when I was on a more Keto diet, but now with eating only potatoes, it’s even harder to resist… I had a cookie, and well, the whole diet plan seemed to fall apart this evening.

Here’s what I had today:

  • Hash browns with ketchup.
  • Diet cola.
  • Small potatoes with ketchup.
  • Potato pancake.
  • Diet cola.
  • Cookie, then cake, then chips, then “way too much”…
  • Coffee with oat milk.

Tomorrow is another day.  Let’s see what the scale says in the morning.

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