2022-09-09 - Weigh In

Day #0036 (Fri., Sep. 9, 2022) – Total Down: 7.90 lbs.!

2022-09-09 - Weigh InI had to run an errand early this morning so I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself before I was “out the door”. When I got back I promptly got on the scale and it told me that I weighed 341.9 lbs. (See photo to the left). This means that I’m actually up a bit for today (0.9 lbs. to be more exact), even though I’m down 7.90 lbs. overall.

2022-09-09 - BreakfastLet’s turn now to one of my favorite subjects…breakfast.  I haven’t had my regular breakfast platter (if you can call it that) for a while now, so today I changed all that.  In the photo to the right you can see my egg white with deli turkey and a slice of toast with some fruit jam.  Went down well with a hot mug of coffee.

2022-09-09 - Turkey SandwichStill hungry, I had a turkey sandwich (see photo to the left).  Two slices of the Keto bread I picked up at Aldi the other day, a slice of cheese, and a couple of slices of deli turkey.  I can’t remember if I had some hummus from Aldi for spread on this sandwich, but even if I did, it’s still only about 50 calories…  Not enough to “break the bank”.

2022-09-09 - Lunch SaladFor lunch today I returned to one of my favorite meals, a potato salad.  I’m not sure what it is about a bit of lite mayo or Miracle Whip on cold baked potatoes, but it sure hits the spot.  Maybe it reminds me of the wonderful times in which I had heavy caloric potato salad in the past.  Who knows.  In today’s bowl I also added some peppers and cabbage (see photo to the right), spices, and accompanied it with a slice of Keto bread.

2022-09-09 - Banana

I had a rather simple dessert for my noon meal today, a banana (see photo to the left).  The Chiquita brand sure brings back all those happy & fun memories of youth.

2022-09-09 - ChipsFor my mid-afternoon snack I had a bag of chips (see photo to the right).  If there is one food I cannot seem to get enough of, it’s potato chips.  There are other foods that would be much worse, like cheesecake or “death by chocolate” cake, but given the fact that there is a bit of oil on them, they are not the best.

2022-09-09 - SalmonFor dinner this evening I had a real special treat.  My wife baked some salmon, and I had it on a bed for my famous and highly indulged potato salad (see photo to the left).  The dressing was a combo of lite mayo and ketchup…similar to 1000 Island Dressing.

2022-09-09 - DessertSuch a nice dinner has to have a nice dessert, right?  Well, that was also special this evening.  On the healthy side I had a banana wrap, and a diet code.  On the non-healthy side I had a “tiny” slice of the cheesecake that my wife picked up.  You can see the trio in the photo to the right.

2022-09-09 - SandwichStill hungry when this evening came around, I had another turkey & cheese sandwich on Keto bread (see photo to the left).  Take a look at that photo!  Can you see the juices of the egg and melted cheese?  Delish!  Kind of looks like a professional image to me, but it was made with a simple smart phone.  I got lucky I guess…

2022-09-09 - Ice CreamFor my final dessert of the day I had one of the “FatBoy” ice cream bars I picked up at Aldi the other day (see photo to the right).  Only 150 calories, and very delish!

Still no exercise today, but I’m still down overall on the scale, so I don’t plan to really worry about having it in my daily life.  When you consider how many calories you need to exercise in order to burn off food, what you eat is certainly the main ingredient in dieting.

Wrapping up this evening I had a nice big mug of coffee with some evaporated milk.  Not brewed coffee, but instant, which is quick and I find quite tasty as well…  Guess I’m not much of a coffee snob… 🙂

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