2022-09-08 - Cheeseburger

Day #0035 (Thu., Sep. 8, 2022) – Total Down: 8.80 lbs.!

2022-09-08 - Weigh InThis morning the scale beamed back the lovely number of 341.0 lbs. Why lovely? Well, I’m down yet again! In fact, 0.4 lbs. since yesterday, making for a 8.8 lbs. loss overall.

2022-09-08 - Potato SaladFor breakfast this morning I had a nice salad with some Miracle Whip dressing.  Potatoes, cabbage, 1/2 a green pepper, some pine nuts, and spices (see photo to the right).

2022-09-08 - Tomato SoupFor lunch today I went back to the soup!  Tomato soup to be more exact, with only a bit of milk to make it more “soupy”.  I also had a couple of slices of the Keto bread that I picked up at Aldi the other day (see photo to the left).  When I picked up the bread I didn’t really think I would like it as much as I do.  There is only 35 calories per slice to boot!

2022-09-08 - Hawaiian PizaI was hoping that the tomato soup & bread would fill me up, but alas, it did not.  So, I had some of the Hawaiian pizza that I made for the kids (see photo to the right).  I got it the other day at Aldi.  I think it would have been better if it was on a regular crust rather than a think crust.

2022-09-08 - ChipsChips, Chips, Chips, Chips…  Or “Cheese Curls” to be more exact (see photo to the left).  Gotta love how that bit of crunch adds to a meal.

2022-09-08 - Ice CreamNow to dessert.  Do you know what I had?  Bet you do…  Voila, “Ice Cream Bars” (see photo to the right).  These ones, called “FatBoy” are only 150 calories each, so I had two of them…  I picked them up at Aldi the other day.

2022-09-08 - CheeseburgerOn to the evening meal.  I had something this evening that I’ve been longing for the past few days, cheeseburgers!  I had two of them.  A frozen burger in the “air fryer” with a slice of cheese on two slices of Keto bread (see photo to the left).  It might have been a bit better with a bun, but we were out of buns, and at only 35 calories per slice, the Keto bread was obviously a calorie winner.  Oh, I did have some Miracle Whip, ketchup, and mustard to spice it up a bit…

2022-09-08 - Chips2Still longing for that bit of crunch, I had another bag of chips (see photo to the right).

Time for dessert again!  I had two more FatBoy ice cream bars (see photo to the left).  2022-09-08 - Ice Cream2As I previously mentioned, they are only 150 calories each, but I did have four of them today…  I was good eating overall today, but his is something that I might have gone overboard with…  Let’s see if the scale penalizes me for this tomorrow morning….

Exercise was lacking today. No rowing… Not even much cleaning up around the house… Exercise is something that I really need to incorporate into my daily routine, no matter how busy I get.

This evening… You guessed it… A mug of coffee with some evaporated milk. That’s it for tonight. Time for bed… See you tomorrow!

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