2022-09-04 - Cobbler2

Day #0031 (Sun., Sep. 4, 2022) – Total Down: 6.20 lbs.!

2022-09-04 - Weigh InI’m down again today! The scale says that I am 343.6 lbs. this morning (see photo to the left), meaning that I am 0.7 lbs. lighter than yesterday with a 6.20 lbs. weight loss overall.

2022-09-04 - Breakfast SandwichFor breakfast this morning I had a nice breakfast sandwich (see photo to the right).  The usual egg whites with two slices of 45-calorie bread, a slice of cheese, some lettuce, and hummus from Aldi.

2022-09-04 - FriesWith such a light breakfast I was really ready for lunch.  I had a huge plate of “air fryer” fries with ketchup (see photo to the left).  As these were in effect “steak fries”, I had to cook them for longer.  Delish!  I also had a bag of Doritto’s chips!

2022-09-04 - Cherry CobblerDessert time!  I had some of the “cherry cobbler” that I made last night.  I don’t know if I can call it cobbler as it contains only oatmeal and cherry pie filling.  What is “cobbler” anyway?  Well, at any rate, it sure tasted good!  The photo came out better than last night as you can tell via the image to the right.  The cool whip topping adds a bit of creaminess and loveliness to the dessert.

2022-09-04 - Mashed PotatoesFor dinner this evening I had a combination of mashed potatoes with the rest of the cans of chili & beans & corn that I opened up the other day (see photo to the left).

2022-09-04 - SaladStill hungry, I decided to have a nice potato salad.  Tonight’s salad included some lettuce, potatoes, carrots, lite mayo, and spices (see photo to the right).  Not sure why I didn’t add some cabbage.  I have a big head of it sitting in the fridge, but I didn’t…

2022-09-04 - Cobbler2For my evening dessert I finished off the “cherry cobbler” that I made last night (see photo to the left).  Let’s work the numbers…

Duncan Hines Comstock Original Lite Cherry Pie Filling and Topping, 20 oz. = 420 calories. Add to this 1 cup of regular Oatmeal = 339 calories. This means the whole dish is a total of 759 calories, just a bit above a meal allotment of 500 calories + 1 snack of 100 calories. Good deal!

No exercise tonight, but I did have my customary mug of coffee with some cream tonight for a change.

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