2022-08-30 - Tomato Soup

Day #0026 (Tue., Aug. 30, 2022) – Total Down: 3.10 lbs.!

2022-08-30 - Weigh InToday the scale beamed back at me 346.7 lbs., which is down 0.30 lbs. since yesterday, meaning I have lost 3.10 lbs. so far. Not quite as much weight loss as I had expected, but still a loss, so I will take it.

2022-08-30 - Egg White SandwichFood wise I started off the day with an egg white & turkey sandwich (see photo to the right).  I added some homemade hummus and a slice of swiss cheese to the mix.  For dessert I had a banana.

2022-08-30 - Tomato SoupFor lunch today I had a bowl of tomato soup (see photo to the left)!  I picked it up at Aldi the other day, and it sure hit the spot.  I’m not sure what it is about soup, but it can be very filling.  I think part of the reason is that it takes a while to eat it.  A spoonful of hot soup, a bit at a time, and your mind needs to adjust to all the food it takes in.  If you ate chocolates you would have consumed too many before your mind told you that you were full.  Know what I mean?  I accompanied the soup with another egg white sandwich.

2022-08-30 - Potato SaladStill hungry, I had a potato salad (see photo to the right).  Lots of potatoes and greens, with just a bit of lite mayo.

2022-08-30 - Strawberry ConeMoving on to dessert, well, this is one area that I could have done better in today.  I decided to have a strawberry ice cream cone (see photo to the left).  I’m not sure why this little cone is so calorie dense, at over 200 calories, but it sure tasted good.  A little indiscretion like this from time to time is okay, but you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it.

2022-08-30 - FriesMoving on to dinner I had a hankering for some fries, something that I haven’t had in a while.  So out came the ole’ air fryer and the finished product was great (see photo to the right).  Ketchup was the accompaniment of course.

2022-08-30 - Vanilla BarMoving on to dessert I had another of the vanilla bars that I picked up at Aldi the other day (see photo to the left).  Fruit is all good and dandy, but sometimes you need some sort of packaged sweetness I find.  At only 100 calories, these scratch the itch and are not too caloric dense so that you can’t recover from it.

On a positive note tonight I had a 30 minute rowing session on the rowing machine while I watched the news.  I hope to keep this up, but I do know that sometimes life happens.

A cup of coffee with some oat milk was the last consumed product of the day.  Let’s see what the scale says tomorrow morning.


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