2022-08-20 - Franken Berry

Day #0016 (Sat., Aug. 20, 2022) – Total Down: 1.70 lbs.!

2022-08-20 - Weigh InThis morning I weighed in at 348.10 lbs. It’s nice to see the weight going down again (2.4 lbs. to be exact). Yesterday was the first day in which I implemented my 1800 calorie, three meals at 500 cals each, plan, and it is working so far. One day is not really enough time to make sure it’s a good idea long term, but it’s certainly going in the right direction.

2022-08-20 - French ToastFor breakfast this morning I thought I would have a 500-calorie meal of French Toast! I used six slices of the Sara Lee 45-calorie per slice bread, along with a cup of egg white, and some Mrs. Butterworth sugar free syrup. You can see me frying up some of the soaked slices with a couple of squirts of cooking spray in the photo to the right.

2022-08-20 - Chick-Fil-AFor lunch we decided to get a takeout from Chick-Fil-A. I went rather healthy with a Cobb Salad (see photo to the left). I love the avocado lime dressing, but I had it on the side and dipped my fork in it before taking a bite of the salad. That’s a good “diet” tip for you, dressing on the side!

2022-08-20 - Franken BerryDessert time! I had some “Franken Berry” cereal (see photo to the right). I measured it out and about a cup of the stuff equates to 100 calories!

2022-08-20 - HashbrownsFor my evening meal I had some “air fried” hash browns with corn (see photo to the left).  It’s quick and easy and since the hash browns come in a container and you just need to add water, it’s easy to figure out how many calories they are.  The corn adds a nice sweet flavor to the mix.

While I watched the news this evening I had a nice light 30-minute workout on my rowing machine.  I also have a Total Gym, and some dumbbells, but the rowing machine is fine for now.

Just before bedtime I had a large mug of coffee with some oat milk.  Today was another successful 1800 calorie day, so the scale should reward me again tomorrow morning, right?  Time will tell!

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