2022-08-18 - Potato Salad

Day #0014 (Thu., Aug. 18, 2022) – Total Down: 3.10 lbs.!

2022-08-18 - Weigh InI weighed in at 346.70 lbs. this morning (see photo to the left), which means that I’m actually up 0.6 lbs. since yesterday, although I am down 3.10 lbs. overall.

2022-08-18 - Root BeerThis morning I came up with the idea that I would eat 1800 calories total per day, and exercise 30 minutes each day. This means that a typical day would equate to 500 calories per meal, with a 100 calorie snack at the end of each meal, and 30 minutes on the rowing machine. Let’s see how doable this is?

2022-08-18 - PizzaSo, I went to get groceries today to prepare for this eating plan. I got a loaf of 45-calorie Sara Lee Multi-Grain bread, and potatoes and fruit. I also got some zero calorie sodas (see photo to the right).

So I have plenty of food in place to implement this diet regime tomorrow, but today I ate HORRIBLE!!!

For lunch today I had pizza (see photo to the left). My wife made some for the kids, and it was there, and, oh well… 🙁  Delicioius, but oh those calories!

2022-08-18 - Potato SaladFor dinner this evening I had some potato salad on a bed of greens, and a couple of slices of cheese (see photo to the right).

I don’t even talk about the donuts and potato chips I had throughout the day. So, suffice it to say, it was not a good day eating wise.  This seems to be my weak point in terms of dieting.  I can diet for just so long, then I go off the rails for some reason…  I need to figure this out.

Getting back to the regular routine, I had a large mug of coffee with some oat milk in the evening.

I’m sure I’m going to be punished on the scale tomorrow morning!!!  I’m hoping that the 1800 calorie regimen that I’m going to implement will add more order to my day.

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