2023-01-11 - Tomato Soup

Day #0011 (Wed., Jan. 11, 2023) – Warm Bowl of Tomato Soup!

2023-01-11 - Tomato SoupI’m happy to report that the scale beamed back a respectable 339.0 lbs.! This means I’m down 1.1 lbs. since yesterday, and 8.6 lbs. overall!

It’s kind of cold outside today so I thought I would have a nice bowl of tomato soup (see photo to the right).  It sure hit the spot with a nice burrito filled with veggies and bacon!

Here’s the list of what I had to eat today:

  • Two breakfast burritos with potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, peas and Miracle Whip on a low-cal burrito.
  • Grapes
  • Bowl of tomato soup (see photo to the right).
  • Two burritos with bacon and veggies.
  • Sugar-free chocolate.
  • Mug of coffee with coffee cream.

I’m finding that my weight loss is slowing.  I might have to incorporate exercise into my routine in the coming days, but for now, let’s just continue on as we are.

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