2023-01-10 - Egg White Burrito

Day #0010 (Tue., Jan. 10, 2023) – “Egg White” Burrito

2023-01-10 - Egg White BurritoThis morning I weighed in at 340.10 lbs. This means I’m actually up 0.90 lbs., but I think this is just due to daily fluctuations (but it might be last night’s chocolate), and I will be down tomorrow. If not, I will adjust accordingly. On a positive note I’m still down 7.50 lbs. since I started this diet program.

Since I’m up this morning I decided that I would eat better today!  First up?  “Egg White Burritos”, that’s what (see photo to the right).  The top part of the photo shows the “innerds” and the bottom part of the photo shows them all wrapped up in a low-cal burrito!  Take note of the mustard and hot sauce please!

So, here’s what I had to eat today!

  • Two “Egg White Burritos” (shown in the photo to the right).
  • A small bag of “Sour Cream & Onion” Chips.
  • Moon Pie (after me saying that I was going to eat well today!).
  • Two More “Egg White Burritos” for dinner.
  • “Sugar Free” Chocolate!
  • Mug of Coffee with Coffee Creamer.  I prefer the “Sugar Free Italian Cream” to be honest with you…

I went to bed a little hungry this evening.  Let’s hope this bodes well for what the scale will tell me tomorrow morning!



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