2022-08-13 - Dilly Bar1

Day #0009 (Sat., Aug. 13, 2022) – Total Down: 2.40 lbs.!

2022-08-13 - Weigh InI slept in and when I got up I had to rush and make a long drive to a nearby city to run an errand, so I certainly didn’t have much time to prep for today in regards to eating. Now I could have prepped more, and I certainly could have eaten better today, but it is what it is. Just before I left I weighed myself and it said 347.10 lbs. (see photo to the left).

2022-08-13 - DonutThe first stop before my long drive was at Dunkin Donuts. I had a large coffee with cream and a cinnamon bun (see photo the right). A horrible way to start off the day, but it is what it is…  The photo shows the whole rack, but rest assured, I had only one… 🙂

2022-08-13 - Dilly Bar1When I arrived in the city I thought I would go and visit the old neighborhood in which I lived. There was a DQ on the way, so I stopped off to get a Dilly Bar (see photo to the right). I love the cherry version! It is so tasty and aromatic. I’m not sure what they put into it.

2022-08-13 - Mongolian BeefThere was a Chinese take out down the road from where I used to live, so I stopped in there to get their Mongolian Beef lunch special (see photo to the left). It was a toss up between this and “Sweet & Sour” Chicken, but the Mongolian Beef won out!  There was a McDonald’s down the road, so I stopped off there and got a large diet coke. At least it was a “diet”, so that didn’t have many calories.

2022-08-13 - Dilly Bar2As I was leaving the city there was another Dairy Queen, so I thought I would try their butterscotch Dilly Bar (see photo to the right).  I know that the cherry version is my favorite, but this is a close second!

2022-08-13 - Toasted SandwichIf you thought I would eat better when I got home, that was not to be the case. It seems that once you get off your eating plan, whether good or bad, it just continues in that direction. I had a couple of roast beef & cheese sandwiches (see photo to the left), then got into chips and had some chocolate this evening as well. I bet the scale will really beat me up tomorrow morning!

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