2023-01-01 - First Meal

Day #0001 (Sun., Jan. 1, 2023) – Potato+ Diet (It Begins!)

This morning I weighed in at:  347.6 lbs.  I have quite a bit of weight to lose, but it’s nice to get started with the “whittling”.

Here’s my first meal on the Potato+ Diet this morning (see photo to the right)2023-01-01 - First Meal.  I made a great big pot of potatoes in the instant pot this morning and had them with some peas and a nice piece of tilapia that I cooked up in the air fryer.  A few spices on the top, but nothing that contained fat or sugar.  Delish!

I didn’t really get any exercise in today.  I am thinking that I will in the future, but not right now.  I want to see how much weight I can lose by just following the food selections that I have made.  Once my weight loss slows down, I will consider making some changes to speed it up.

Later on in the day I had some “air fryer fries” with the ketchup I bought on prep day.  Equally delish!  I also had some sweet potatoes that I cooked in the air fryer.  It was nice to have a little bit of sweetness on the tongue.  I also had a banana and an apple, my two “fruit & berry” choices that I am permitted each day.

Here’s a rough “round up” of what I ate today:

  • Two servings of mashed potatoes, peas, and tilapia (as shown in photo to the right)
  • Banana
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apple
  • “Air Fryer” fries with some unsweetened ketchup.
  • Aldi “Vie” blackberry soda (no sugar).

That’s pretty well it for today.  See you at the scale tomorrow morning!

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