2022-12-31 - Sugar Free Ketchup

Day #0000 (Sat., Dec. 31, 2022) – Potato+ Diet (Prep Day)

2022-12-31 - Sugar Free KetchupToday is “Prep Day” for what I am calling the Potato+ Diet.  I might change this name in the future, but this sounds like a good definition of this diet for now.

In a nutshell, I’ve lost a lot of weight eating only potatoes, but I find eating only potatoes kind of restrictive and boring after a while.  Having said that, I must admit that potatoes are a pretty good food in regards to filling you up, being zero fat, and zero sugar.  What would happen if you had a diet that centered around potatoes as the base food, but a few embellishments so that you could stick with it long term?  Hmm…  The exploration of this concept is where the Potato+ Diet came into being.

So, here’s what I’m thinking:

  • I will base this diet upon potatoes.  You can eat as many as you want throughout the day, be they air fried, mashed, basked, or “whatever”.
  • Non-starch vegetables, in any amount, are also permitted on this diet.
  • Since potatoes do not have B12, one way to make this diet more robust is to add very low-fat protein sources like egg whites and tilapia (white fish), so let’s add these two as well.  You can have as much egg whites and tilapia as you want as well.
  • Sugar is one of the things I want to break my addition of, so any type of refined or added sugar is not allowed.  The exception is up to two pieces of fruit or two servings of berries throughout the day.
  • Condiments are allowed, but they must be sugar and fat free.  Sugar free ketchup, mustard, powders, etc. are all allowed, in any amounts you want.

So this is it to get started.  Future potential enhancements:

  • As this diet goes on I’m thinking I might add foods as an “experiment” to see how they will affect my weight or mood.  If I do, I will note the type of food, and record my starting weight, eat this food for one whole week (in addition to my approved list of foods above), and record my finishing weight.  I will then make the decision if this food will be “allowed” or “not allowed” on this diet moving forward.
  • To start off I will not be doing any exercise, but I will add this in the future if my weight loss stabilizes, or if I decide I need exercise for some other benefit such as mood enhancement or mobility.
  • Meditation is another thing I am thinking of adding as a component of this diet at some point in the future.  Meditation has been mentioned many times as improving various aspects of your life, and I think it will help out your diet regimen as well.

So, that’s about it for my initial thoughts on the Potato+ Diet.  I might add more insights as I move through this diet plan.

This evening I went shopping for some ingredients as tomorrow will be Day #1.  I picked up some potatoes of course, but also two types of sugar-free ketchup (see photo to the right), and some hot sauce.  I already have some tilapia, egg whites, and plenty of fresh veggies in the house so I’m good to go.

Oh, while I was out I stopped off at McDonalds and had a couple of Big Macs with a large coffee.  I’m planning on sticking to this diet for a year (hopefully), so it will be a while before I am able to enjoy these again (if ever…hint).

See you at the scale tomorrow morning!

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