2022-12-18 - Weigh In

Day #0001 (Sun., Dec. 18, 2022) – Weight: 351.8 lbs., Total Loss: 0.0 lbs., Score: 5/7!

2022-12-18 - Weigh InI weighed in at 351.8 lbs. this morning (see photo to the left). Since this is Day #1, I am down 0.0 lbs. since yesterday, and 0.0 lbs. since I started this diet today! 🙂

Here’s how I did today! The following rules are based in order of importance…

[Yes/No] Rule #1: Spend your day focusing on something other than food.  You will save a lot of time not having to prep during this plan, so what will you spend your time on?

Today was a busy day taking care of the kids.  Not much time to focus on anything other than looking after them.  It did keep my mind off food though… 🙂

[Yes/No] Rule #2: I can only eat for 8 hours a day maximum.  This means that I will be fasting for a minimum of 16 hours each day.

I started eating after noon, and finished eating after 7 pm, so that’s about 7 hours of eating today, well under the 8 hours allotted.

[Yes/No] Rule #3: I [did] [did not] adhere to the following allowed eating guidelines today.

During my eating hours I will be staying away from sugar and bread, which I did today.

2022-12-18a - Yogurt & BlueberriesI started off today’s eating with a nice bowl of “Green Yogurt & Blueberries” (See photo to the right).  I’d forgotten how thick and creamy Greek yogurt is…  Rather sweet too…

2022-12-18b - SaladNext up was a wonderful big bowl of “Salad With Black Beans”.  You can see it in the photo to the left, and boy was it ever delish.  Some hummus, cabbage, and tomatoes and celery.  Trader Joe’s “Greek Goddess” salad dressing for a topping.  Wonderful.

2022-12-18c - Grilled SalmonFor my early afternoon meal I had a “Salad With Grilled Salmon” (See photo to the right).  My wife grilled the salmon up in our air fryer and it was crunchy on the outside and a great combo of warmth with the underlying cold salad.  I’m constantly amazed at how wonderful the air fryer cooks things…

2022-12-18d - Yogurt & Blueberries

I don’t have many sugary dessert options available, but I don’t think I will miss it much as I’m sure my taste buds will change.  “Yogurt & Blueberries” (see photo to the left) are fine for now!

2022-12-18e -Steak & SaladAfter returning home from grocery shopping I threw a chopped steak into the air fryer.  I haven’t had a lot of steak recently, so it was fantastic.  I’m getting more and more used to not having bread and potatoes and starches with my meals.  A delish salad was my accompaniment with the steak this evening (See photo to the right).

2022-12-18f - Yogurt & RaspberriesYou didn’t think I was going to finish the day without more Greek yogurt did you?  I bought some raspberries while I was out grocery shopping this evening (see photo to the left), so that made a great combo!

2022-12-18g - Coffee & Oat MilkLast up today?  Some coffee with oat milk (see photo to the right).  I’m going to stay away from creams and sugars, so oat milk is a great alternative as a “creamer”.

[Yes/No] Rule #4: Each day I will have my daily vitamins.

Yep, I did take my daily vitamins today.

[Yes/No] Rule #5: I will drink at least 3 cups of water each day.

I can’t drink diet cokes or such, so water is my main drink with my meals.  I did have over 3 cups of water today!

[Yes/No] Rule #6: I will exercise for 30 minutes each day, whether a cardio or weights or abs workout.

Nope, no exercise today.  I am focusing more on the dieting aspect of this plan to start out though.

[Yes/No] Rule #7: I will spend at least some time doing TM or meditation today.

The time just flew today…  I didn’t get any TM or meditation in today.

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