Day #0004 (Tue., Dec. 13, 2022) – Weight: 342.0 lbs., Total Loss: 5.0 lbs., Score: 5/8!

2022-12-13 - Weigh InI actually lost track of time today and forgot to weigh myself this morning.  So, today’s weight is a big of a guess, but since I ate relatively good yesterday, let’s say that I weighed in at 342.0 lbs. (see photo to the left). This means that I’m down only 0.1 lbs. since yesterday, conservatively speaking, but 5.0 lbs. since I started this diet.

Here’s how I did today! The following rules are based in order of importance…

[Yes/No] Rule #1: Spend your day focusing on something other than food.  You will save a lot of time not having to prep during this plan, so what will you spend your time on?

I put up another gig onto Fiverr, this time a yoga video.  I also read a few books on my Kindle.

[Yes/No] Rule #2: I can only eat for 8 hours a day maximum.  This means that I will be fasting for a minimum of 16 hours each day.

Total hours eating today: 5 hours!  I started just before 2 pm and finished just before 7 pm.

[Yes/No] Rule #3: I [did] [did not] adhere to the following allowed eating guidelines today.

During my eating hours I am allowed one of the following choices:

Daily Option #1) [Potatoes] + [one vegetable: carrots, peas, mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage] + [one salad] + [one 100 calorie dessert].

Daily Option #2) [Potatoes] + [three pieces of fruit; apples, oranges, bananas] + [one salad] + [one 100 calorie dessert].

Daily Option #3) [One cheat meal all within one hour] + [one vegetable: carrots, peas, mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage].

Daily Option #4) [No potatoes] + [Only one of these mentioned below (as many times as you want) during the day] + [one salad] + [one 100 calorie dessert].

a) Egg white sandwich: two slices low calorie bread, egg whites, slice cheese, deli meat.

2022-12-13a - Wrapb) Burrito wrap: one large low calorie wrap, egg whites or deli meat, lettuce.

The following condiments are allowed each day: ketchup, mustard, salsa, 1 tablespoon lite mayo/relish/ketchup dressing.

2022-12-13b - Diet CokeThe plan was to eat only burritos today, and I started off today okay (see burrito to the right).  So good with hot potatoes, deli turkey, and salad in a low-cal wrap.  So good in fact that I had two of them!

I washed these two burritos down with a diet Coke (see photo to the left).

2022-12-13d - CookiesFor what was supposed to be my 100 calorie dessert today, I had a Christmas cookie (see photo to the right).  Kind of a sugar cookie with some sprinkles on top!

2022-12-13e - SoupWhere I went off the rails today was when the family decided to eat out at a Chinese restaurant after getting our hair cut.  I started off with Hot & Sour soup (see photo to the left).  I sure love those crunchy little croutons you put on top…  So much so that I actually got two of them.

2022-12-13f - NoodlesSingapore Noodles were next up on the agenda (see photo to the right).  So good!  They were supposed to be spicy, but they weren’t!.

2022-12-13g - CakeWhen we got home I had a Christmas cake (see photo to the left).  Certainly not in the plan!  I shouldn’t have, especially when you look at the box and see how many calories were in them!

2022-12-13h - Ice CreamFor my final food item of the day I had an ice cream cone (see photo to the right).  As with the previous dessert, certainly not planned, and not on the plan.

[Yes/No] Rule #4: During the 16 hours I am fasting I am allowed zero calorie beverages like tea and coffee with some creamer.  I am also allowed zero calorie sodas and water of course.

I had roughly 4 cups of coffee with zero-calorie French vanilla creamer in my “rest hours” today.  I also had two cans of zero-calorie diet Coke.

[Yes/No] Rule #5: Each day I will have my daily vitamins.

Yep! I took my daily vitamins today.

[Yes/No] Rule #6: I will drink at least 3 cups of water each day.

Yep! I drank 3 cups of water throughout the day today.

[Yes/No] Rule #7: I will exercise for 30 minutes each day, whether a cardio or weights or abs workout.

I was so tired by the time we got home from the Chinese restaurant I had some dessert, watched a bit of tv, and then went to bed!

[Yes/No] Rule #8: I will spend at least some time doing TM or meditation today.

See above…  I went to bed early…  No TM today!

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