2022-11-02e - Potato Wrap

Day #0090 (Wed., Nov. 2, 2022) – Total Down: 9.5 lbs.!

2022-11-02 - Weigh InThis morning I weighed in at 340.4 lbs. (see photo to the left). So, that’s good because it means I’m down 1.4 lbs. since yesterday and 9.5 lbs. overall.

2022-11-02a - Potatoes & PicklesFor my first meal of the day I decided to have some pickles with my potatoes (see photo to the right).  I also added s “splash” of low-fat mayo to make it into a bit of potato salad if you will.

2022-11-02b - Veggie WrapFor lunch today I turned to the ever popular “Veggie Wrap” (see photo to the left).  No potatoes on this one, but I did have a couple of slices of deli turkey and hummus as the spread.

2022-11-02c - LasagnaMy wife made some “Meat Lasagna” for the kids this evening, and I tried to resist, but could not.  It was delish!  It looked a bit like a space creature in the photo to the right as it heated up in the microwave, but trust me, it was delish!

2022-11-02d - Zero ColaTo wash the lasagna down I tried a new type of “Zero Cola”, this one from Harris-Teeter (see photo to the left).

2022-11-02e - Potato WrapI was looking for that something extra this evening to accompany my lasagna and settled upon a “Potato Wrap” (see photo to the right).  You can see the little dabs of orange hot sauce to kick it up a notch!

I wanted something sweet to finish off today’s eating, but nothing too indulgent.  2022-11-02f - Oatmeal DessertI settled upon some oatmeal with blueberries and a bit of the Walden Farms zero-calorie caramel topping that I found in the fridge.  You can see the plain oatmeal heating up in the dish to the left.

Exercise-wise I did a bit better than yesterday.  I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine.  Gradually working my way up to more and more time on it.


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