2022-10-17d - Egg Sandwiches

Day #0074 (Mon., Oct. 17, 2022) – Total Down: 9.2 lbs.!

2022-10-17 - Weigh InEarly this morning the scale told me that I weighed 340.6 lbs. (see photo to the left). What’s up with that? I ate really good yesterday so I should be rewarded with more weight loss than that, right? This means I lost only 0.4 lbs. since yesterday, but for good news I am still down 9.2 lbs. overall. Go figure this weight thing! You just need to keep moving in the right direction with the right strategy, and you will be rewarded “eventually” on the scale.

2022-10-17a - Fries & KetchupI started off my day of eating with some air fryer “Fries & Ketchup” (see photo to the right).  They were delish, but I should have left them in the air fryer for a bit longer.

2022-10-17b - Soup & SandwichI followed up these fries with a “Soup & Egg White Sandwich” combo (see photo to the left).  I sure love this photo.  Quite good don’t you think?  It shows the moistness of the sandwich.  Oh, I should had that I had some Miracle Whip instead of hummus on this sandwich this morning.

2022-10-17c - Apple & BananaI decided to have a healthy dessert this morning, so I chose an “Apple & Banana” (see photo to the right).  As you can tell from the spots on the banana they are ripening fast.  I only have a few left so mission accomplished… 😉

2022-10-17d - Egg SandwichesFor dinner this evening I decided to have something a bit different, a couple of “BLT Sandwiches” (see photo to the left).  I’m running out of my low-cal bread so I had to settle for the “heels”.

2022-10-17e - BananaAnother healthy desert!  This evening I had another “Banana” (see photo to the right).  What a great photo!  It shows the moistness of the banana.  Tasty for sure!

Exercise?  Nope, not today…  Maybe tomorrow!

So, I ate REALLY GOOD again today, right?  I dare you to find something wrong with my meal choices today.  Let’s see if the scale will wake up and reward me for this good behavior.  Ok, scale?  Do you hear me?  See you tomorrow… 🙂

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