2022-10-05j - Truffle

Day #0062 (Wed., Oct. 5, 2022) – Total Down: 14.8 lbs.!

2022-10-05 - Weigh InI went to Aldi to get groceries this morning before I ate anything. When I got back I weighed myself and, as you can see in the photo to the left, the scale said I’m down to 335.0 lbs. This means that I lost 0.5 lbs. since yesterday, and am down 14.8 lbs. overall.

2022-10-5a - PizzaWhen I got back from Aldi we put two frozen pizzas into the oven for the kids.  Of course dad had to have a slice, make that two…  One was a regular cheese and the other was a cheeseburger pizza slice (see photo to the right).

2022-10-5b - SaladNow I couldn’t just have pizza, right?  A salad would go well with pizza, so I created this little salad concoction you see in the photo to the left.  I added some of the nuts I picked up at Aldi, which added that bit of crunch.

2022-10-5c - DessertMoving on to dessert, I had to continue on with the “crunch” motif.  So, I had some “Sour Cream & Onion” Lay’s chips.  I also had a frozen ice cream bar, a Reese’s peanut butter cup, and a tiny little truffle.  You can see them all in the photo to the right.

2022-10-05d - ApplesI was interested in having a snack this afternoon, and wanted something healthy, so I had a couple of apples (see photo to the left).  The bananas I picked up at Aldi are still green, so I will have them in a day or two.

2022-10-5e - HamburgerI had something really tasty for my evening meal today, “Hamburger & Potatoes” (see photo to the right).  Does this ever take me back to my youth!  A few buttery sprays on the potato and some ketchup on the hamburger and you are good to go.

2022-10-5f - BurritoStill hungry, I thought I would have a couple of burritos.  The first one was rather plain, but on the second one I decided to jazz it up a bit with some shredded cheese and a tablespoon of hummus for extra flavor (see photo to the left).

2022-10-5g - Oatmeal CookiesAnother treat that I picked up at Aldi today was a package of oatmeal cookies (see photo to the right).  Nothing too fancy, rather plain mind you, but delish none the less.  I had three of them.

2022-10-5h - ChipsFor my evening “crunch” I had the barbeque flavor of Lay’s (see photo to the left).  The “no name” brand of potato chips were back in stock at Aldi so I picked up a box of them today.  I will get to them soon…

2022-10-5i - TruffleYogurt was another thing that I picked up at Aldi that I usually don’t throw into the cart.  Not sure why, but the cherry flavor (see photo to the right) sure hit the spot this evening.  I’ll have to get more of them in the future.

2022-10-05j - TruffleFor my final food item of the day I had a little tidbit of flavor.  You guessed it, an Aldi’s truffle (see photo to the left).  Tiny but sure packed with flavor.  For only a few calories this is surely one great day to finish off your eating!

Exercise?  Not today!  I’m still fighting off this virus or “whatever”, so I’m not feeling the urge.  I did push a shopping cart around at Aldi though… 🙂

Ok, that’s it for today folks.  Drinking my coffee.  Finishing this post.  See you tomorrow!

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