2023-02-26 - Pizza

Day #0057 (Sun., Feb. 26, 2023) – Pizza!

2023-02-26 - PizzaI had some errands to run this morning so I didn’t actually start to eat or even weigh myself till this afternoon. The scale said: 339.7 lbs. This mean’s I’m up 0.7 lbs. since yesterday, but still down 7.90 lbs. overall.

I went to Aldi around noon and picked up more supplies for my vegetable chili.  Unfortunately they were out of sweet potatoes!

So I wasn’t planning on it, but I had another “Free Day” today. I started off my eating this afternoon with pizza (see photo to the right). I had about five pieces, two rising crust cheese slides and three margarita slices!  Delish!

Here’s what I had to eat today:

  • Pizza (see photo to the right).
  • Dr. Pepper.
  • Moon Pies.
  • Fish & Chips.
  • Mixed Nuts.
  • Diet Cola.
  • Coffee with sugar-free creamer.

So, let’s hope I do much better tomorrow.  The plan is to eat better and to start exercising as well.  I think that exercise will help my mood and perhaps help me to eat better, so let’s get on it!

See you at the scale!


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