2028-08-28 - Hamburger Fries

Day #0024 (Sun., Aug. 28, 2022) – Total Down: 5.70 lbs.!

2022-08-28 - Weigh InI weighed in at 344.1 lbs. this morning (see photo to the left), which means my weight is creeping up ever so slightly in the past few days. I’m up half a pound since yesterday, but I still remain down 5.7 lbs. overall.

2028-08-28 - Toaster StrudelI didn’t start the day off great as I had some toaster strudel (see photo to the right). I’m planning on taking the kids out this afternoon as tomorrow they start back at school, and I guess this got me off to the wrong start food wise as soon as I got up.

2028-08-28 - NutsAfter the strudel I got into the nuts! (see photo to the left).  I’m not sure what it is about nuts, but even more than potato chips, I cannot seem to stop at one or two, or even a handful.  They say that having nuts every now and then is a good thing for your health, but not if you overeat them!

2028-08-28 - Big MacFor lunch today I took my son out to wherever he wanted to go, which ended up being McDonald’s.  At first he wanted only a slushy, but when we rolled up to the takeout monitor he added a Happy Meal into the mix!  I, on the other hand, got a Big Mac meal.  You can see my Big Mac (after I took a bite) in the photo to the right.

2028-08-28 - Hamburger FriesFor dinner this evening I took my daughter out for a meal.  Where did she want to go?  McDonald’s of course.  I couldn’t choke down another of their hamburgers so I got nothing.  Instead I opted for a homemade hamburger at fries when I got home (see photo to the left).  You know, the one I made at home was MUCH BETTER!  I’m not sure what it is about McDonalds…  There was a time when I loved the stuff.  These days, not so much…

2028-08-28 - Dark ChocolateFor my version I had a slice of 2% swiss cheese rather than regular cheddar.  It was quite good actually.  I didn’t realize that you could get this stuff, so you learn something new every day.  I guess you could call this a swiss burger without the mushrooms!

Moving on to dessert, I got into the dark chocolate (see photo to the right).  They say that dark chocolate is actually good for you, but I’m sure that’s not the case in terms of calories.

Exercise was a bust today as well.  I have simply got out of the routine, but I need to get back into it.  They say that exercise doesn’t really help out much in terms of dieting calorie wise, but more in terms of mood.  When you think of how much running you need to do in order to counteract that candy bar you downed, they may be right.  At any rate, it certainly can’t hurt, so it is something that I definitely need to get back into.

Well, let’s see what the scale says tomorrow morning.  I’m sure it’s not going to be that kind… 🙁


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