2022-08-26 - Weigh In

Day #0022 (Fri., Aug. 26, 2022) – Total Down: 6.80 lbs.!

2022-08-26 - Weigh InThis morning I weighed in at 343.0 lbs. right on the nose (see photo to the left), down 0.20 lbs. since yesterday, meaning I have lost 6.80 lbs. overall.

2022-08-26 - LunchThe photo to the right shows the first meal of the day!  A rather late breakfast or early lunch if you like.  Some pizza, a diet cola, and a banana with an ice cream cone for dessert.  The pizza was less calories than I expected, meaning I could have all this for about 600 calories (equating to a meal + a snack).

2022-08-26 - SnackA bit later on I was reading online that sometimes your craving for sweetness is in fact a desire for some salt.  They suggested trying a cucumber with some salt, so I did (see photo to the left).

2022-08-26 - WrapFor dinner I had a turkey wrap with homemade hummus and some nacho chips (see photo to the right).  Loads and loads of Aldi salad mix is just what the doctor ordered.

2022-08-26 - CheeseburgerStill hungry I thought I would try one of those hamburgers that I bought yesterday at Aldi.  A little stint in the “air fryer”, a slice of cheese, and a bun, and voila!  A nice tasty meal.  Check it out in the photo to the left.  Sometimes you need to steam the buns to get that nice restaurant feel, but these buns are so fresh it wasn’t needed.

2022-08-26 - Arctic BarNow we mustn’t forget dessert, right?  The little chocolate ice cream on a stick (see photo to the right) hit the spot!

Exercise?  Not today.  I did think about it, but for some reason I sat on the chair and watched tv rather than just getting up and moving over to the rowing machine.  I can’t explain it really…  I just forgot…

Just before bedtime this evening I had a nice big mug of coffee with some oat milk.  I know that a lot of people say that coffee keeps them up, but not me…

Hopefully my weight will be down tomorrow, but if not, I might need to watch the calories a bit more closely.  Sometimes you can get lax in the dieting department and today might been one of those days.  The scale doesn’t lie.  It always tells you the truth.  Let’s see what “truth” it tells me tomorrow morning.

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