Day #0010 (Tue., Dec. 6, 2022) – 342.5 lbs., Down: 0.9 lbs., 5/5!

2022-12-06 - Weigh InI weighed in at 0.0 lbs. this morning (see photo to the left). This means that I’m actually up 0.6 lbs. since yesterday, but still down 0.9 lbs. since I started this diet.

Here’s how I did today!

2022-12-06a - Froot LoopsRule #1: I can only eat for 8 hours a day maximum.  This means that I will be fasting for a minimum of 16 hours each day.

“Froot Loops” were on the agenda for my first meal of the day (see photo to the right).  Not just Froot Loops, but some Frosted Flakes as well.

2022-12-06b - ChipsAs I was preparing my Froot Loops I came across some “Potato Chips” (see photo to the left), so I had to have some of those as well.

2022-12-06c - Snack BarsTo the right shows the “Snack Bars” that started off my dessert portion of today’s first meal, but I didn’t share the main meal!  I guess it was so delish that I started eating before taking a picture… 🙂  It consisted of steak, baked potatoes, and a salad with “Cole Slaw” dressing.  Delish!

2022-12-06d - LollipopOh, and I also had a “Tootsie Roll” pop (see photo to the left).  We got a great big bag of these for Halloween, so we have plenty to eventually eat up.

2022-12-06e - BiscuitThis evening I dug into the freezer and found a Jimmy Dean’s “Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Biscuit” (see photo to the right), so that was how I started off my evening eating.

2022-12-06f - Baked BeansMy main meal this evening consisted of a can of “Baked Beans” that I picked up last night at Harris-Teeter.  I haven’t had baked beans in quite a while, so it sure hit the spot.  Add a couple of slides of low-cal bread with peanut butter and you’re good to go.

2022-12-06g - MarshmallowsFor dessert this evening I found this bag of “Marshmallows” (see photo to the right) and got into those.  I also added some of the “Count Chocula” cereal I found in the cupboard.

Rule #2: During the 16 hours I am fasting I am allowed zero calorie beverages like tea and coffee with some creamer.  I am also allowed zero calorie sodas and water of course.
I sipped on coffee with sugar-free creamer throughout the day today.

Rule #3: Each day I will have my daily vitamins.
Did I have my daily vitamins today?  Check!

Rule #4: I will drink at least 3 cups of water each day.
Yes, I drank 3 cups of water throughout the day today.

Rule #5: I will exercise for 30 minutes each day, alternating between: cardio + weights, and cardio + abs workouts.
This evening I had a great little workout on the rowing machine in the living room.  I did quite a bit of upper body exercises, so no need for dumbbells.

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