2023-01-08 - Has Brown Burrito

Day #0008 (Sun., Jan. 8, 2023) – “Hash Brown” Burritos!

2023-01-08 - Has Brown BurritoSo I was down another 0.20 lbs. this morning as I weighed in at: 339.50 lbs.  This means I’m down a total of 8.1 lbs. on this diet that I started one week ago today.

I have found these wonderful low-cal burrito wraps at only 80 calories each.  They were the STAR of the show for lunch today as I used them to make a couple of delicious “Hash Brown” burritos (see photo to the right).  Nothing fancy on the inside, other than the fact that the potatoes were hash browns that I made in the air fryer.  Home made hummus, a red pepper, and some kale.  Wonderful.

Here’s what I had to eat today.

  • The two burritos that I just mentioned of course (see photo to the right).
  • Grapes (the red seedless variety).
  • Homemade “poutine” with gravy.  This time I soaked the potatoes before frying them up.  I added some “nutritional yeast” on top.  Good, but certainly not as good as the poutine you get from the fast food trucks.  Maybe this gravy is more suited to mashed potatoes?  I will have to try that out.
  • Strawberry frozen dessert bars.  My boy picked these up at the grocery story the other day and they are quite good at only 80 calories each.
  • Coffee with “regular milk”.  I probably shouldn’t have, but since I am out of oat milk I used the regular stuff.  I need to go shopping tomorrow.

That’s it for today folks.  Still no exercise, but since I’m still losing weight I’m going to stick with this plan I have now.  I’m sure that exercise will materialize at some point in the future though…


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