2023-01-04 - Homemade Hummus

Day #0004 (Wed., Jan. 4, 2023) – Homemade Hummus!

2023-01-04 - Homemade HummusWow!  Simply Wow!  The scale said that I weighed 342.10 lbs. this afternoon.  I did benefit from the fact that I didn’t start eating till after noon today, but I will definitely take it!  This means that I’ve not only lost 3.80 lbs. since yesterday, but I’m down a total of 5.50 lbs. since this diet began on Sunday!

Today I decided that I needed to find a good salad dressing solution.  I tried mixing some chick peas with lemon juice and herbs in the blender and it was a winner.  What a great combo with some kale salad on top of mashed potatoes (see photo to the right).

So here’s what I ate today:

  • As previously mentioned, I didn’t start eating till after noon, but when I did I had a great big bowl of newly made mashed potatoes.
  • I added a nice big bowl of frozen corn, nuked in the microwave.  This turned out to be my dessert.  “Sweet corn” they call it, and it was.
  • It’s my daughter’s birthday.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I had a “tiny piece” of the ice cream cake that we bought her.  I’m “figuring” that little things like this will not hurt me long term in losing weight, but we’ll see…  My main concern with having a little sugar here and there is that I will keep wanting more and more…
  • For my evening meal I had another big bowl of mashed potatoes, with lots of kale and some homemade hummus.  No oil in this hummus, just a can of chickpeas, some lemon juice, and herbs.  Come to think of it, if you added some water or oat milk it would make a good dressing…
  • I had a nice big bowl of grapes for dessert this evening.  The green, seedless ones.
  • I finished off the day of eating with a mug of coffee and a big “spash” of oat milk.

That’s it for today.  We’ll see you at the scale bright and early tomorrow morning (unless I sleep in again).




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