2022-08-08 - Bananas

Day #0004 (Mon., Aug. 8, 2022) – Total Down: 3.30 lbs.!

2022-08-08 - Weigh InAs soon as the clock hit past midnight I had effectively put in 3 full days of eating only potatoes. I’d been thinking of bananas off and on yesterday, so early this morning I figured that I could “indulge”… 🙂 So, around 2 am, I was still up, and had 3 of them… 🙂

2022-08-08 - BananasWhen I got up at 9 am and weighed myself, I weighed only:, so obviously my “3 Banana Snack” (see photo to the right) didn’t hurt!

2022-08-08 - 1000For breakfast this morning I had some hash browns (which tends to be my main breakfast as of late), with a topping of ketchup and black pepper, and washed it down with some coffee & oat milk (see photo to the left).

2022-08-08 - Potato PicklesI went to Aldi this afternoon to pick up some groceries for the family.  They wanted milk and hot dogs and ice cream and a whole assortment of things that I cannot eat.  I did get a nice jar of pickles, and I had some of them with my potatoes for my afternoon meal today. You can see the photo of the potatoes before the toppings in the photo to the right.

2022-08-08 - Air Frier FriesFor my evening meal I had a great big plate of “air fried” fries, and a lot of ketchup as well (see photo to the left).

I had three more bananas this evening. I should add that I picked up about a dozen bananas at Aldi this afternoon, so I should be good for bananas in the near distant future. They sure are tasty after three days of eating only potatoes.

This evening I had a nice big mug of coffee with some oat milk. I’m actually sipping on it now as I type this note in my computer.

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