2022-08-06 - Lunch

Day #0002 (Sat., Aug. 6, 2022) – Total Down: 1.10 lbs.!

2022-08-06 - WeightI weighed in at 348.7 lbs. this morning (see photo to the left). This means I lost 1.1 lbs., so this diet is quite a success so far… 🙂

2022-08-06 - BreakfastThis morning I had some hash browns in the air fryer (see photo to the right). The toppings were pepper, veggie spice, and ketchup. I washed this down with a nice big mug of coffee with oat milk.  Sure hit the spot!

2022-08-06 - LunchAfter such a large plate of hash browns you would think I would be ok when lunch time came around, but that was not a the case.  I was starving!  I had some fries in the air fryer (see photo to the left).  Delicious with some of the salsa I bought at Aldi the other day.  I washed it down with this sparkling natural soda that I also purchased at Aldi.

2022-08-06 - DinnerWhen dinner time came around I wanted something a bit different, so I baked up some tiny little mini potatoes in the oven.  Pepper, salsa, and veggie spices were the topping (see photo to the right).

I sure do love my coffee, and this oak milk I purchased at Aldi sure does the trick!  It’s not only plant based, which means it’s lower in calories, but it does have a “creamy” like consistency to it.  I had a nice large mug of the stuff this evening while I watched television.

Time for bed!  Tomorrow is another day!

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