2022-10-09b - Beans & Toast

Day #0066 (Sun., Oct. 9, 2022) – Total Down: 14.3 lbs.!

2022-10-09 - Weigh InToday was another day of eating late, but I feel that I didn’t eat as well as I have been on previous days, but we’ll get to that later… When I weighed myself the scale told me I was 335.5 lbs. (see photo to the left). This means that my weight is down ever so slightly at 0.4 lbs., and I have lost a total of 14.3 lbs. overall.

2022-10-09a - SaladI had a delicious salad to start off my eating routine today (see photo to the right).  I love a good salad, something that I would have never thought about as a kid.  Even as an adult I find that the more I have them the more I love them.  Oh, I forgot to add some goat cheese to today’s salad… Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

2022-10-09b - Beans & ToastFor my lunchtime meal today I thought I would have something a bit different.  I picked up some canned baked beans at Aldi the other day, so I decided to have baked beans on low-cal toast (see photo to the left).  So good that I actually had four slices of toast.

2022-10-09c - ChipsYou know how I love that “crunch”, right?  So, today is no different.  Enter a bag of “Original Clancy’s Potato Chips” into the equation (see photo to the right).  I’m gradually working my weight through the stash of these potato chips…just saying…

2022-10-09h - Ice CreamI usually like to have ice cream as well, right?  Well, I had a frozen ice cream bar today (see photo to the left).  You can’t tell from the wrapper, but it was a chocolate dipped one.

2022-10-09d - BananasThose bananas I picked up at Aldi the other day are going ripe, so I decided to have two for my mid-day snack (see photo to the right).  I need to learn how to store bananas so that they ripen at various times.  In this way I won’t have to hurry up and eat a whole bunch of them before they go bad.  Oh, I could always use them in my upcoming dish of “Cherry Cobbler”, couldn’t I?

2022-10-09f - ChipsI really didn’t have much of an evening meal today.  I guess that those baked beans & toast were doing a good job of keeping me full.  Nonetheless, I did have my regular “crunch & frozen treat” cravings, so I had Doritos (see photo to the left), as well as another ice cream bar (see photo to the right).  2022-10-09e - Ice Cream BarThis provides quite the tasty combo of crunch, sweet, and coolness.

For something a bit different today I had a couple of Reeses’s (see photo to the left).2022-10-09i- Reeses I picked up a big Halloween bag of these tasty treats at Aldi the other day for the kids, so I’m kinda surprised that they are still around considering how much the kids love them.

Remember at the start of this post I said that I didn’t eat all too well today?  Well, I was mostly referring to the “Oatmeal Cookies” (see photo to the right).  2022-10-09g - Oatmeal Cookies It’s dangerous to have these little suckers around…  I think someone needs to hide them… 🙂  It’s hard to stop at just one, and I had about six of them this evening.  I seemed to just down them one after another this evening as I was watching television.  Hopefully the scale won’t punish me tomorrow morning, but time will tell.

So I’m finishing off this blog post, and finishing off my cup of coffee, and am about ready to call it a day.  See y’all bright and early tomorrow (or perhaps later in the day) at the weigh in… 🙂

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