2023-01-26 - McCafe

Day #0026 (Thu., Jan. 26, 2023) – McCafe!

2023-01-26 - McCafeSo I was down another 0.90 lbs. this morning as I weighed in at: 336.60 lbs.  This means I’m down a total of 11.0 lbs. on this diet so far.

I had to go to Hillsborough to run some errands this morning so I stopped off at McDonalds and got a coffee (see photo to the right).  Black, no cream, no sugar, and no sugar substitute!

I read quite a few pages of the “Life Plan” today.  I’m up to the dieting portion of the book, which is very interesting.  He’s following a low GI diet, and eating only healthy fats…  If I implement this diet plan I will need to eat meats with a lot less fat!

Here’s what I had to eat today:

  • A couple of pork chops over a bed of lettuce.  Peanut butter, mayo, pickles, blue cheese and olives.
  • Belle Via soda.
  • Shrimp wrapped in bacon.  Some lettuce & cabbage, peanut butter, mayo, pickles, blue cheese and olives.
  • Another Belle Via soda.
  • Coffee with cream.

See you at the scale tomorrow!


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