2023-01-18 - Lots Of Pepper

Day #0018 (Wed., Jan. 18, 2023) – Pepper! Pepper! Pepper!

2023-01-18 - Lots Of PepperI weighed in at 346.3 lbs. this morning, so I’m up 1.8 lbs. since yesterday, but still down 1.3 lbs. overall.

I do love my pepper! I had a lot of it on the “Potato Ball” that I made in the oven this morning (see photo to the right).

I’ve been thinking of having a potato ball with tuna and shredded cheese these past few days, so I gave into my temptation this afternoon. The good news is that it was delish! The bad news is that it was not low in calories… Oh well!

Here’s what I had to eat today:

  • Potato ball with regular and sweet potatoes, and lots of pepper (see photo to the right).
  • Diet cola.
  • Potato ball with tuna and shredded cheese.
  • Potato ball with spices.
  • Way too much chocolate!!!
  • Way too many frozen desserts!!!
  • Cup of coffee with creamer…

Plus, a resolve to do much better tomorrow!

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